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Strangefates Virtual Chronicles

12th February 2011

Didier Soyuz Live Show at the Jester Pixel Hill

From 4pm SLT (12 Midnight GMT).


Didier Soyuz with fireworks

31st January 2011

Clockwork Love by Strangefates Re-released

Clockwork Love by Strangefates

By popular demand, the 2002 album Clockwork Love has been remastered and released for download from i-tunes and CDbaby. 12 gloriously melodic chilled out instrumental rock songs from your favorite UK band. Contains the original version of In Your Hands which is now a regular classic performed at Didier Soyuz's live shows.

29th January 2011

Didier Soyuz 2011 shows reach out beyond SL

Didier Soyuz Live at the Jester January 2011

Didier Soyuz performed only his second live show since the New Year. Back on home ground at the best venue in Second Life: Jester in Pixel Hill, this was his second simultaneous broadcast in a row with indiespectrum radio bringing in new listeners, musicians, and other virtual music venue promoters. "After the show It was great to speak to new listeners who found the original music motivating, including new highly talented musicians that I was unaware of.

14th December 2010

DIdier Spam Attack tastes mighty fine

Didier Soyuz Beneath You

To celebrate 3 years of performances at Pixel Hill, Didier Soyuz is giving away mp3s. An exclusive live recording of Beneath You is now available here (Performed by DIdier and And.D, Bouski Percussionist).

Happy Listening!

20th November 2010

Didier Performs back at the Jester Inn, Pixelhill and raises the roof.

Jester Inn

Didier Soyuz returned to the Jester to perform an extended set of favorite acoustic solos, which was simultaneously broadcast by indiespectrum radio thanks to Fox Reinch. Watch out for a number of free mp3 offers from Didier during the Christmas period!

24th October 2010

Phemie and Didier begin with launch shows of their new album at the Firefly

Didier and Phemie finally put together a party with solo and duet performances and with broadcasts of a few of their album tracks. The show was delivered from the Firefly, Phemie's home venue, and was warmly received by the evening's guests. Phemie was dressed as a ballet dancer and Didier wore a tea cosy on his head whilst playing old and new original songs.

People are now starting to download tracks and the album via both CDbaby and i-tunes, and reviews are of Whispers in the Underground are now appearing.

11th September 2010

Didier & Phemie Alcott new album officially released.

Whispers In the Undergound by Didier Soyuz and Phemie Alcott

Eight months in the making: eight songs produced, all available for preview and download here.

2nd May 2010

Live shows emerge after 6 month Didier drought.

Didier Soyuz has finally been spotted delivering a live show of his classic tracks, mixed in with some new material.

He has largely been out of live action due to a shoulder problem which causes electric shocks in his arm. Didier said, 'If only i knew where the battery was, I could fix it'. However, the show last night at Salernum was well received, and more shows are being planned.

In the background, there has been continued work on studio recording in RL with the band Bouski, and with singer-songwriter Phemie Alcott, with an album being mixed as we speak.

2nd December 2009

Pixel Hill Announces 2nd Birthday Party

Pixel Hill announced its second birthday party with an incredible line up of live performances over three nights: December 11,12, and 13th.

1st December 2009

Didier Collaborates with Secondlife Superstar Phemie Alcott

Phemie Alcott

It's been a while since Didier's performances have been logged due to a number of real life issues, but we are now back with up to date news on this page, and with great news that Didier has recently worked with one of Secondlife's most talented singer - songwriters: Phemie Alcott on a couple of original joint compositions  and they are planning to debut these live at the Pixel Hill two year birthday party on 13th December 2009.

Two songs have also been recorded, with more to come, and the feedback is creating a definite buzz in the community. More details to follow.

11th July 2009

Didier Celebrates being number 65 in Reverbnation Charts

Didier at the Jester...again

How can anyone get so excited about being number 65 in a mp3 music chart? Ask Didier that question. He definitely got hooked on promoting listeners to the reverbnation site where he has a selection of mp3s available to listeners.

It was great to see a decent crowd despite so many shows being performed at the same time in Second Life around the 4pm slot.

Didier was particularly happy to see DimiVan Ludwig who is not only a fine guitarist/singer, but hosts the Hummingbird venue.

4th July 2009

Didier sets the Jester on fire to promote his new video

Didier Soyuz with fireworks

Yes its a good job that Didier's latest wig is fire-proof as he accidently set off the fireworks in the Jester Inn that were meant for 4th July celebrations. Anyway, the crowd enjoyed it, despite the smell of burned eyebrows.

Host Harrie was there to make sure Didier didn't destroy Pixel Hill. Fans of this group will be pleased to know that she is organising more fantiastic shows of fabulous original artists (some happening today).

Didier has now released his new Video: In Your Hands which contains movie clips from this and his previous show. Watch it here.

13th June 2009

Didier exposes grey hair to cameras during two hour live set

Didier Soyuz Live at the Jester

Didier delivered a very well received two hour set to a fantastic audience at his home venue, Pixel Hill. The Jester was full of familiar faces and SL celebrities for a show that Didier was simultaneously recording as a movie whilst playing his acoustic guitar.

"It was quite a gymnastic feat pointing the camera using my nose on the mouse whilst playing guitar".

It did lead to some accidental changes in song structure and a brand new improvised riff as an encore, which Didier has now named "Cloud Catcher" after the skies in his test shots for his latest machinima movie which can be found here.

A slideshow is also available here (thanks to Nat for the pics)

7th June 2009

Capacity Crowd at Boogie Beach

Boogie Beach

Didier nearly forgot this show. It was booked several months in advance.

The Boogie Beach venue (organised by Jackie Cushing) is very popular in Second Life. The avatars all looked very healthy in their designer swimwear out there. We can only hope that their controllers from the keyboard side were super fit too, and not snacking on super-size burgers whilst sweating and creaking on over-burdoned office chairs.

The evidence suggested that the crowd was enthusiastic and had a sense of energy about them, so Didier kept the former image in his head, and this helped him to remain in tune.

6th June 2009

Strangefates Youtube movies now available in High Quality

Bittersweet Birthday

Youtube have now provided the option for surfers to view movies at a higher resolution. This has resulted in much more clarity of the series of Strangefates show machinima videos. If you were at a show, or ever wanted to know what the fuss was about, well now is your chance. Just click here, choose your favorite Strangefates set and click the HQ button. Enjoy!

30th May 2009

Pixel Hill leads the way with best value gigs

Didier Soyuz Warming Up outside the Jester Inn in Pixel Hill Secondlife

The Jester provided another wonderful evening, hosted by Pixel Hill's Co-owner, and number one music promotor Harrie Skjellerup. Didier Soyuz provided the music, yet again re-arranging his own songs and extending the show to 90 minutes of trance inducing bliss, whilst giving the audience free copies of the latest mp3 EP 'Absolut' by his real life band Bouski.

The audience had a number of SL's top musicians dropping by including one of the Virtual World's best singers: Preciousse Moody, who may be making a welcome return to live performances inworld.

Watch this space for news.

29th May 2009

Didier puts on directors shades and shoots everything and everyone.

View from Pixelhill

Didier finally managed to get his computer working this year after two years of hidden anti-virus files had slowed down framerates to 1 per second. Now everything is wizz-bang fast, he has dug out his director's shades and started to film scenes for a little promo film, exclusively shot at Pixel Hill. If you attend one of Didi's live shows there over the next couple of weeks, you may end up on the video. More news on this soon:).

Neighbours continue to build hideous junk vendor stores next to Pixelhill which temporarily slowed down shooting of the video last night, whilst Didier went to shoot the land owners instead.

28th May 2009

Bouski prepare for 2009 Recording Sessions

Bouski Beer Fridge Delivery

Pixel Hill's favorite RL Band Bouski comprising Dave, And.D and Chris have now laid to bed their 'Absolut' EP, and are ready to start recording their new studio album.

The band are currently making sure all essential equipment is functioning 100%. Chief Engineers have announced the beer fridge is fully stocked and cooled to -273 Celsius so the record button can now be pusshed with confidence.

Dave has invested in a new PP3 battery for his guitar, and And.D has borrowed Dave's soldering iron for his drums. Chris has downloaded a guitar tuner on his i-pod, so it looks like they are pulling out all stops for their new sessions.

16th May 2009

Didier Goes To Print

Didier live

Not satisfied with just putting out a Bouski EP on it's own, Didier decided to create a book to go with it. He even planned to tour solo to promote it until Pixelhill's music promoter extraordinaire Harrie Skjellerup pointed out he needed his band to do that.

Didier decided to give away free copies of Absolut randomly to people in the crowd. Not a bad idea in fact, as this appeared to generate sales of the previous Bouski album on


10th May 2009

Bouski Absolut Album Released

Didier Promoting Bouski's Absolut Album

Didier delivered an extended 90 minute acoustic set to celebrate the launch of a new EP from Bouski called "Absolut". The 7 tracks cover a number of years in the studio, and complete the set of songs that started with the Songs from the VF16 album. The EP can either be bought in Secondlife at the Jester, Pixel Hill, or via

14th March 2009

Didier Looks Sinister In Comic Relief Red Nose

Comic Relief Didier Soyuz

It had to be done. Didier's close friend, stand up comedian Salamander Maroon had been performing 48 hours of shows to support Comic relief. Didier played a one off charity show at the Jester, and his tips added to the tally, and convirt virtual money into RL cash. However, it had to be said that he looked quite frightening. Just as well that minors are banned from SL. Congrats Sal on a job well done.

7th February 2009

Blue Hair Day

Didier Soyuz Again!

When Didier Soyuz played another acoustic show at the Jester, the bar staff Harrie, Christy, and Mash all just had to reflect their chilled blue mood with plenty of virtual hair dye. Didier of course knocked out a version of purple devil blues for the occasion.

31st January 2009

Is There a Mouse in the House?

Jester Erupts

The answer is no: these Jester Inn fans were at one of Bouski's live concerts, with all three band members, and the crowd just had to get on the tables.

7th March 2009

Didier Performs at Basho's Place

Didi at Basho's

After a period of absence, Didier returned to SL triumphantly at Basho's place with some new material to boot, all part of the master plan to start recording a studio solo album in Summer 2009. Didier was quoted "My guitar is ageing like a red wine in sound. However the problem is that it isn't made of oak, so I am not sure why that is happening."

31st November 2008

More MP3 givaways at Didier's show

Didier Soyuz Acoustic Set

Didier was finally back on acoustic form, performing a solo show to a full house, ending with a mighty rendition of Purple Devil Blues. Those who attended the show were also rewarded with an exclusive free mp3 of the new track Forever Never. Watch out for further offers to people attending Didier's shows.

6th November 2008

Two Thirds of Bouski: 100% Wall of Sound

Andy from Bouski

Bouski vocalist Chris Thomas was unfortunately out of action this night. He had caught a cold during work on his house chimney! Nevertheless, Dave (aka Didier) and Drummer Andy (aka And Zimermann) performed a set of improvisations, and electro charged versions of Didier's solo songs to a great audience at the Waterstage in Pixel Hill. Andy is fast becoming known as Second Life's best live drummer, and Bouski are starting to develop a much bigger sound. Look out for mp3s of live shows being made available from the new year.


Didier returns for the New Year

Didier Soyuz January 2009

Didier returned to SL in the New Year with renewed energy, and plenty of new arrangements to his older classics. The Jester is rapidly becoming a favorite venue of many music lovers, and it was great to see so many new faces in the audience.

8th November 2008

Didi Returns with Acoustic Set and rewards audience with free mp3

Didier and Audience

Didier made a triumphant comeback to The Jester in Pixel Hill performing over an hour of dynamic acoustic tracks with a half-healed finger and without screaming. The audience was so cool, a free mp3 of Beneath You (played live at this gig) has been made available for a limited period) can be downloaded here (just right-click and save as).

If you like what you hear. all tracks by Didier, Bouski and Strangefates can be browsed and purchased here.

23rd October 2008

Basho suppports Bouski


Didier's real life band performed tonight at the fabulous Waterstage with their usual ISP problems. Nevertheless the band was on excellent form, and even though Andy and Chris' avatars vanished, Pixel Hill regular Basho Singh stepped in as virtual drummer of the evening.

Shades, black clothes and guinness were the order of the day.

October 2008

Didier Experiments with Electric Blues

Didier and SG

Didier's numerous aggressive acoustic performances in September resulted in a damaged forefinger. Luckily the audience had tipped generously enough for Didier to purchase bandages and to re-string his electric guitars which are a little easier to play. The result was a series of impromptu electric blues shows broadcasted live into Pixel Hill.

25th September 2008

Bouski Return


Bouski finally managed to perform a full live gig in SL with avatars (of sorts) at the Waterstage to a select few lucky punters. The audience seemed to like hearing the band warm up: So it has now become part of the act. The next Bouski show will be in the second week of October. A slide show of the event is here.

21st September 2008

Purple Birthday

Harrie's Birthday Bash

Well all friends of uber wonderful Pixel Hill host Harrie Skjellerup made sure she could have a day off from looking after everyone else. They held a surprise birthday party down at Phemie Alcott's Firefly venue. The theme could not be anything else but purple. Didier even managed to hunt down his purple tie in his inventory of a million things called 'object'. A slide show of the event is here.

18th September 2008

Didier Cools the Waterstage

Didier Soyuz at the Waterstage

Well, a real treat, a number of musicians came down to play at the waterstage this night. The SIM was packed and people were in a generous mood. Didier was tipped for tuning up, coughing, and the odd song too.

A slide show of the event is here.

13th September 2008

Didier Loses Memory During Acoustic set.

Didier Soyuz at the Gallery 2008

Didier re-opened the Gallery Venue at Pixel Hill with Interior decoration and hosting by co-owner Harrie. The set was a 90 minute mind-blower with a new slide song. Didi ended up getting song titles mixed up, and playing a completely different set to what he had planned. However, it did lead to his 'sitar' style song to be named 'For Ravi' by Fan Christy. A slideshow of the event is here.

The show also launched the new in-world mp3 downloading vendor: 'Mypod'. Secondlife residents can now buy Didier's songs with virtual money. The vendors are located in venues at Pixel HIll. SLURL here!

11th September 2008

A Big Shout Out from Bouski As Talk Talk Fail To Provide A Whisper

Bouski at the Waterstage

A problematic return to the Waterstage for the Bouski Sessions , but it could not be claimed to be dull. Our resident virtual band performed a set of planned and unplanned songs as they faught to keep the ISP connection working. The guys managed to get their avatars up on screen, albeit without stage make-up. And.D ( drums, above) destroyed one of his cymbal stands in RL in true RocknRoll style. Dave (aka Didier) played the song 'Too Much Trouble in a completely different time signature'. Harrie's photos all vanished too! Nevertheless it was a full house, and resulted in some pretty cool improvs, and a superb band version of Didier's Purple Devil Blues. The band return next week at 3pm SLT.

7th September 2008

Basho's Place Enjoys a Good Guitar Beating


Didier performed at Basho Singh's new venue, and despite having a sore finger, still belted out some of his more aggressive songs. The audience responded by tipping Didi so he could invest in a new first aid kit. More chance of him getting better for the next Bouski show on Thursday.

Unknown at the time to Didier, the event was filmed by another Bouski member. Didier has now edited it and uploaded it onto Youtube. The movie can be found here.

Thursday 4th September 2008

Bouski Finally Break SL Silence

Bouski Album

Didier, Christophe and And.d (aka Dave, Chris and Andy) finally made it into Secondlife with an hour long live set broadcast directly from Beerfridge Studios in Harwarden, North Wales. Although Chris and Andy's avatars disappeared before the show started, two of Didier's friends covered for them, albeit with a sex-change.

The set included songs from all eras of Bouski, including the new single: Sound of the Ocean, which can be downloaded here.

Sunday 31st August 2008

Red Eye Seeks out the Cakes

Didi at Red-Eye

This night saw Didier playing at the launch of the Red Eye Cafe in Secondlife. Host Xadie brought friends to bake excellent cakes which would have attracted more attention if not for Didier's extended version of Purple Devil Blues that curdled the cream and wiggled everyones ears.

Wednesday 27th August 2008

Double Didi

Didier mid Week

Didier launched a new mid week set, designed to be different but complimenting his week-end slots in Secondlife. The idea, masterminded by Pixel Hill Host supremo Harrie Skjellerup was a success: An earlier time of 2pm SLT brought in a new audience, and also drew in offers from Japanese and European virtual venue owners. Didier earned enough tips to cover the weekly bandage bill for his fingers.

More new mp3 tracks of live performances are available here for download.

Saturday 23rd August 2008

Strangefates Dance With Aliens

Strangefates Dancing With Aliens

Strangefates performed one of their extraordinary shows at Pixel Hill with a set of Aliens in flying saucers circling the arena. Cat's drum effects seemed to be loaded with an extra ton of gunpowder, and exploded setting Didier's wig on fire. Bittersweet was celebrating her anniversery with her partner Jhered, Sal came prepared with a ray gun, and Harrie had a purple rocket hairstyle with anti-alien dandruff helment. Penguin guitarist Pengi felt they were all attention seeking.

A fab slideshow of the event is here.

A low quality movie of the event can be seen here. (better version to follow).

Wednesday 20th August 2008

Didier Turns the Clock Back at Pixel Hill


Didier returned to Pixelhill with extended versions of his original acoustic songs, including 'Beneath You' which is turning into somewhat of an epic. The show was performed at an earlier time slot, allowing a new audience to attend as well as the faithful Pixel Hill regulars. A slide show of the event is here. The place filled up fast and the audience stayed the distance. Didier is hoping they chose to stay because of the music, and not because he made them all fall asleep. A live version of 'Beneath You' is available here.

Saturday 16th August 2008

JSP Stage

Didier rehearsing at JSP

Didier returned from his DIY holiday with only minor injuries to perform at the Rock Venue JSP. He performed a couple of new improvisations amongst his regular crowd pleasers. Didier is denying that the improvs were actually old songs that he forgot how to play. Nevertheless, it was a great success.

Many generous tips helped to raise money for a first aid kit for further DIY work. This should ensure that Didier remains to have enough fingers for the odd difficult chord.

Live versions of 'Gentle Rain' and 'In Your Hands' are available here for download.

20th July 2008

Double Didi in Double Trouble

Didier Soyuz Live 20.07.08

Didier performed an hour set at the new venue Paradiso Di Amore in return for super cool vocalist Lou Mannock to play at the Jester the next day with his kareoke backing tracks. As usual Didier lost track of time, ran over the limit and it was only Purple Pixelated Rock Chick Harrie who managed to boot him off stage without getting him banned. Didier then chose to continue the rest of his set at the Jester to a select few who could track him down. Didier then decided to put out a couple of MP3s for sale, representing two tracks performed that night: Beneath You, and Purple Devil Blues. You can preview and purchase them here.

12th July 2008

Luxor Looks on Didi

Didier Soyuz Live at Luxor Secondlife

Didier made a return to one of the first venues he played at in Secondlife: Luxor, hosted by the infamous Circe Broom. Here, Didier decided to perform a 90 minute set of brand new and spanking old classics..all original of course, but played with a twist of energy redifined for the audience. The audience sported a number of Secondlife VIPs including Phemie Alcott and Slim Warrior. However, Didi commented afterwards: I'm always humbled by appearance of celebrities, but the audience of friends (vip or newbie) is what makes me tick. A slideshow of the show is available here

5th July 2008

And Now..For The Gallery

Didier at the Gallery

Harrie and Didier launched their new additional venue in Pixel Hill: The Gallery, where some of the Strangefates Albums are displayed. The crowd were suitably satisfied with the ambient glow of the place, and Didier performed some new tracks. Some of these took him by surprise too, as they were ad-libs. The crowd reactions have led to him working on these for future shows.

Strangefates official photographer Natasja took some stunning pics of the packed out SIM in full flow. A slideshow of these can be found here.

21st June 2008

New Venue Saves The Show

Didier at the Comedy Club

Didier's weekly acoustic schedule was temorarily halted when one of the hosts had to pull out due to ISP problems. Not to worry, a multitude of offers flooded in. With help from our very own HArrie Skjellerup, AlieneilA Aker kindly provided the 'AlieneilA Dance & Comedy Club'. A pretty nifty place it is too, and the 38 strong crowd were excellent company. The chance of a return show is likely. A slideshow of the event is available here.

15th June 2008

Didi Rides Into LIL Slurgis

Didier Soyuz at Biker Bash

Secondlife's premier biker Heinrich Mastroianni invited Didier over to Biker SIM LIL Slurgis to perform an 80 minute set to a 60+ strong gang around a camp fire. The show was a success.

However Didier is not sure if the audience managed to stay the full distance because of his guitar skills or their interest in the magnificent purple Harley that was at the front of the stage. A slideshow of the event is available here.

16th May 2008

Didier Makes a Comeback After Losing Feeling in his Hands

Didier at Fashion Place!

Well, usually we have some sharp quips and funny stories, but this event marked a more serious sense of relief for Didier who in RL had suffered unusual symptoms of lack of feeling in the right side of his body and dizziness. He continued to play guitar, although sometimes this was impossible, never gave up. Luckily, his persistence paid off and this gig was a testament to that! The regular gig slots are to be resumed. Yeeey!

17th May

Didier set for Templum ex Obscurum

Didi at Barons place

Didier is set to play Baron Grayson's Templum ex Obscurum, one of Secondlife's more creative landscapes, sculpted by the highly talented Baron Grayson at 4pm tonight. Hopefully bits of the show will be recorded for future roadcasting.


12th April 2008

Pixel Hill Lights Up To Strangefates

Strangefates Light Show

In April, Strangefates played a special gig at the Waterstage in Pixel Hill. The intention was to produce a movie for Byrne's video festival. Although footage was captured and the lightshow was spectacular, the framerate was relatively low, and the film remained in the can. However, Didier has produced a youtube version here.

Strangefates Photographer Natasja caught some fabulous moments on the night, and a slideshow is also available here.

5th April 2008

Didier on the Barrel

Didier at the Jester April 2008

17th March 2008

Paddies Day

Didier Soyuz on Paddies Day

Well...not quite..Didi actually performed a couple of nights before, but used the props that Harrie Skjellerup had built for the actual Paddie's Day Party. Not to be outstaged by shamrocks Didier climbed onto a barrel and miraculously didn't fall off, despite having half a gallon of Guinness balancing on his head. A slideshow of the event can be located here.

14th March

Didi Dives Inn

Didier Soyuz Live at the Dive Inn

Didier made another return to the Dive Inn serenading sharks, fish and plankton. The crowd was particularly welcoming. Didier's tactic of putting out two tip jars actually worked. He can now afford two sets of guitar strings and has change for a couple of texture uploads!

11th March 2008

Jester Party Culture

Didier Soyuz Live at the Jester March 2008

Didier's solo show had been tentatively booked for Slimmies at Menorca a while back, but Slimmie did not appear. He therefore moved back to the Jester, and with a little help from his friends, a full SIM of friends, newbies and of course a few fans too turned up to party. So much so that Didier put a few lindens in the electric meter to put on a light show. Extended songs, and new approaches to old favorites kept the audience guessing. A slideshow of photos (as usual put together by resident photographer Natasja Koenkamp) is available here

7th March 2008

Didier thinks he is Mr T

Northmead Simply Elegant Jewellery

Didier Soyuz's Acoustic Tour recently moved tentatively into the realms of Corporate gigs! This show was hosted by Northmead: Simply Elegant Jewellery. Didier was initally uneasy about this thinking he would be blinged up to the eyeballs by the designer Frank Northmead and the Host: Stacia Volletta. Luckily they were giving away most of their samples to the audience, very generously too.

The show ended up being a success with the rooftop venue being tastefully decorated, although Didier couldn't figure out which was the front and back of the stage as it was circular. The performance must have been good as Membership of the Strangefates SL group shot up to 500+ again, and tip donations towards guitar strings, and bandages were very generous that night. A slideshow of the gig can be viewed here

(Photos Natasja Koenkamp)

4th March 2008

Didier Meets Zen

Didier Soyuz Performing Live at Asagao Treasures in Secondlife

Another chilled out performance from Didier: this time a debut at the new Asagao Treasures Island venue, with Japanese influence for the venue owner Mai.

A big thanks to all those who came along, especially Pygar who adopted the shape of a Tazmanian Devil, Sal who hopped along to the music with a plastercast (she fell upstairs in RL), and Harrie who made sure everyone knew where Didier was playing, because he didnt know until a few mins before the show!

The new songs appeared to go down particularly well. Didier is trying to remember them for the next set he plays on Friday 7th March.

25th February 2008

Pixelhill Project Maintains Momentum

The Gallery At Pixelhill Secondlife

Didier maintained his tight schedule of live acoustic gigs through the last week including performances at Boogie Beach, The Hummingbird, and The Bushy Beard in Secondlife.

At the same time Strangefates Virtual Rock Chick Harrie Skjellerup continued to manage and host performances by specially selected guest acts at Pixelhill which now boasts three venues: The Water Stage, The Jester Inn and The Strangefates Gallery (Pictured above).

One such show was the return of Tilianna Lagan providing a magical piano and voice solo set that had the audience pixel jaws touching the floor.

February 16th 2008

Didier Blues in Black and White

Didier Soyuz In Black And White

Back to form after a quick vacation Didier performed live Blues in Black and White at the Jester, then proceeded to call the songs Purple Devil Blues!

January 26th 2008

Didier Slides In To Sunset

Didier Soyuz at Sunset 26.1.08

Didier returned to Sunset with a revamped set of his originals and a few new ones to boot. 90 minutes of acoustic bliss delivered to an intimate audience of 40 friends, providing tips to finance more guitar strings and plasters for Didier's fingers.

Didier continues to test out new songs that will emerge this year as recorded tracks through Solo and Strangefates CDs. Feedback from fans suggested a new blues slide track is another classic to add to the regular playlist.

January 16th 2008

Pixelhill Packs Out And Chills To Tilianna Lagan

Tiliana Lagan

Well Pixelhill's one and only Host Harrie Skjellerup certainly proved she has taste by inviting Tilianna Lagan to the Waterstage for an hour's set of soul stirring music. Within five minutes of the show, the place was full: no-one else could get in, so they had to listen on internet radio instead.

Didier put on a light show, then the off button got stuck and the stage became a supernova. Didier is currently building a set of virtual fire extinguishers to cool off the roused audience, and to prevent his eyebrows from being singed again. View a slideshow of Tilianna's performance here

January 15th 2008

Strangefates Back With Knobs On

Strangefates Live In Menorca, Secondlife.

Strangefates relaunched their Tour of Secondlife with a return to Menorca and yet another new set with spinning aliens and of course fireworks. Bittersweet had clearly spent Christmas practising her dance moves. Harrie and Pengi kept a rock steady beat, Sal couls not keep still and Didier just set everyone on fire with his guitar that had an electric hob lighter built into it.

A fabulous movie of the event can be located here.


January 12th 2008

Didier's Regular Sunset

Didier Soyuz at Sunset Club January 2008

Didier recommenced his regular solo show at the Sunset Club and introduced a new blues slide number entitled "Where Has The Purple Gone Blues". The place went wild enough to pay tips to cover the cost of his guitar strings for the next gig. Didier is now writing a follow up blues song entitled Where Have All The Strings Gone Blues. It may be a quiet song compared to the rest.

January 5th 2008

Broken Resolutions Are The Flavour Of The Month

Broken Resolutions Party at the Jester

The Jester hosted a 'Broken Resolutions' party with a triple billing of resident comedian Salamander Maroon, Didier Soyuz with another fab acoustic guitar set, and Shayla Juran super DJ rolling out the rock till the twilight zone kicked in.

The Jester is rapidly becoming the hot ticket in Secondlife, with many famous SL people making guest appearances: yet again the SIM was full.

Resident Host Harrie Skjellerup is already scheduling more hot acts to perform at the Jester and around Pixelhill, so make sure you are a group member of Strangefates to hear about shows in advance.

Jan 2nd 2008

Didier Catches Chronic Full SIM Syndrome

Didier Soyuz filling the SIM in the Jester, Pixelhill, Secondlife

The Strangefates' residence Pixelhill looks to be the venue to be seen at in 2008, with people desperate to get into the full SIM throughout Didier's live acoustic show. When 20 people at the same time tried to get into the SIM by walking across the neighbour's land there was a crash which made Didier temporarily bald until Pixelhill Host Harrie Skjellerup provided him with a 'stunt wig' that even Burt Renolds would be proud of.

Customers are warned to make an early appearance if they want a guarantee of getting into the show next week. Tour dates can be found here.

This fabulous picture of Didi in the Jester was provided by Natasja Koenkamp. More of her pictures in the form of a slideshow of the event can be located here.

Dec 29th 2007

Audience Overcome With Emotion as Fans Pass Out in Full SIM

Didier Soyuz Makes A Fan Pass Out with an emotive performance

Fans flocked to see Didier perform his acoustic show at the Sunset Jazz Bar. He didn't disappoint and played a particularly lively set, filling the audience with adrenilyn and melody. This proved too much for one or two avatars who proceeded to pass out and fall over. Didier has announced his plans to produce a solo album in the New Year with a health warning on the cover. A slideshow is available here.

Dec 23rd 2007

Lag Eats Secondlife Festival, Strangefates Play On, and Play The Longest Gig Ever

Strangefates battling the elements

Yes, it can be truly confirmed that Strangefates are record breakers, playing a four hour gig, and continuously broadcasting six and a half hours of music (all originals, no repeats) at the SYNA festival. The place was unfortunately lag ridden, and Didier was trapped in hyperspace floating above the stage. Although the band were fuming with the poor organisation of the event, the result is an incredible set of photos by Nat, the resident photographer. View the slideshow here.

View a bio of Natasja Koenkamp here.

17th December 2007

Jester Establishes Pixelhill As Secondlife's Best New Venue

Jester In Pixelhill

Strangefates purple rock chick Harrie Skjellerup ensured The Jester venue delivered excellent quality entertainment. Fantastic ambient DJing was followed by Didier Soyuz's acoustic soloing, and to cap it off, Secondlife's finest vocalist Preciousse Moody dueted with versions of Free Your Heart and Shine (Play On). A slideshow of the event can be found here..photographs by Natasja Keonkamp. The Jester is located at Pixelhill, home of Strangefates boasting three stunning music venues, each with an individual but intimate atmosphere.

15th December 2007

Sunset hits the Sunset as Didier Crashes The SIM With His Last Chord

Didier Soyuz at the Sunset Club Secondlife

Forty brave fans fought their way through a lag monster to witness another solo acoustic show from Didier. With calm ambient melodies followed by more dynamic riffs, the stiffness of the lag was soon forgotten. Some more fabulous pictures are available on slideshow here.

10th December 2007

Didier and Harrie Officially Launch the Jester

Members of the Jester Inn Secondlife

After Didier testing the water with an unofficial gig, the real launch took place today, with a few virtual decorations in to boot. Natasja Koenkamp, Strangefates official photographer took some remarkable photos of the proceedings, whilst Didier played a 90 minute live acoustic set. A slideshow of Nat's Pictures can be viewed here.

7th December 2007

So Who Was At The Jester That Night?

Didier Soyuz live at the Jester

Well Didi ended up playing at the Jester, as the intended venue was somewhat lagged, but luckily the audience quickly found out and followed. You may spot yourself dancing on a table or doing the splits. Here is a free mp3 of Face to Face to remind you:


9th December 2007

Everyone Looks On at Luxor

Didier at Luxor

Didier continued his Secondlife Solo Tour by dropping in to the valley of kings aka Luxor. Many thanks to all those who tipped Didi. He can now afford a new G-string....for his guitar. A short slide show of the gig can be viewed here.

5th December 2007

Didier Bootlegs His Own Gigs

Didier Soyuz at Sunset

Some bootlegs of Didier's gigs are appearing, so he decided to launch his own bootleg mp3 series. The first one available for free download is Free Your Heart from the 1st December concert. To access it just right click here and save.


1st December 2007

Didi Defies Poor Marketing

Didier Soyuz at Sunset

Despite the host announcing to the whole of Secondlife that Didier was playing an hour later than he was, an appreciative audience turned up to the Sunset Club to dance to Didier's undanceable but loveable tunes.

Didier played a set that was just over an hour long, and even managed to get Jacomo (a long time friend and fan) to join the Strangefates group...with a little help from his friends. And what a way to end the show..a rendition of Face To Face and then the SIM crashed right on queue. Yaay.

27th November 2007

Strangefates Take The Lime Out Of Bittersweet

Bittersett Lime's Limelight day

Well it is true that all buses come at once, so after two rez days, we had Bittersweet's real birthday. The party was scheduled to be at Slimmies (Slim Warrior's premier venue), but Slimmie had to cancel at the last moment. The show was saved by Circe Broom donating a music stream (Circey's Circle) and Didier and Harrie setting the stage up at Pixel Hill, the new home of Strangefates in Secondlife. With two giant rotating limes, and 'this is your secondlife' Slideshow, Bittersweet was a very happy birthday girl. Strangefates' fab photographer Natasja Koenkamp stood in for Cat on drums when Cat's ISP crashed. A movie of the show can be seen here.

19th November 2007

Harrie is One

Harrie's rez day

Yes, it was HArrie's turn to have a rez day, and typically, Didier decided to tell her in advance of her surprise party. Luckily he redeamed himself by having a star studded live spectacular starting with Salamander Maroon performing live comedy and this is your life monologue, then Preciousse Moody (SL's best singer by far) performing exclusive new songs jointly written with Didier, then Didier playing live acoustic. Not bad for one evening.

11th November 2007

Didier Is One

Didier's rez day

Didier's friends held a surprise party for his first rez day in Secondlife. The wonderful Shayla DJ'd through the night whilst Harrie, Sal, Cat and co all decorated the new venue and danced and hugged the place to a standstill...LOL

9th November 2007

Bushy Beard is a Success

Didier Soyuz and Preciousse Moody

Didier performed at the very popular Bushy Beard Club, and invited Preciousse Moody up for the encore to sing Free Your Heart and Shine Play On. The audience loved it as did the venue owners. 25 new group members joined up at the show.

3rd November 2007

Preciousse Writing With Didier Again

Preciousse Moody at the Sunset Club

Secondlife's best live singer by far, Preciousse Moody called in to the Sunset Jazz Club during Didier's acoustic set. Didier announced they are working together again writing new songs to WOOT's from the audience.

Didier played their two current songs, Shine: Play On and Free Your Heart to remind everyone how fab this singer is. More news to follow over the next few weeks.

3rd November 2007

Didi Eclipses Sunset

Didi at Sunset with halo

After a short RL break, Didier returned to SL performing an acoustic set at Circe Broom's Sunset Jazz Club, packing in 60 people and accidently getting an iconic halo projected onto his head from the backdrop. Strangefates group membership shot back up to 400.

The Strangefates band were all in attendance including Bittersweet Lime who had returned after her ISP was being re-engineered. Despite the lag, band photographer Natajsa managed to grab this pic. Didier is currently bandaging up his fingers.

19th October 2007

Two Tone Tornado Stage Blows Secondlife Away

Two Tone

A breezy day was set to get stronger with Strangefates latest performance, celebrating their Two Tone Tornado album, the set was largely black and white. Band photographer Natasja took Bittersweet's place for this gig, and was pretty cool too.

A movie of the gig can be seen on youtube here.

Alternatively you can view the movie via this website here.

A slideshow of the gig is available here

13th October 2007

Strangefates New Venue To Open

Strangefates New Venue

Finally a stage of their own where Didier and Strangefates can perform and actually have an audience manage to get there! This is set in the new land jointly owned by the band. Shows are planned to start in November. Strangefates group members will be informed of upcoming gigs.

13th October 2007

Strangefates Build Village And Venue


Didi has broken his silence, by announcing the new Strangefates venue and village in Secondlife, co-owned by Didier, Harrie Skjellerup and Salamander Maroon. Currently called Didiville as a working title, on the edge of a SIM, it should be the perfect location for atmospheric gigs. Events to be advertised very soon. Watch this space!

4th October 2007

Ratepoint Venue Vanishes Into a Black Hole As Didier Plays On

Didier at the Sunset Club

Music Venue Host Circe Broom intended Didier to play at Ratepoint Cafe, but for some strange reason, the whole place vanished of the Secondlife grid into a black hole. Didier was transported to Circe's other club Sunset, and proceeded to play nearly two hours of acoustic bliss before collapsing into a pile of pixels.

2nd October 2007

Menorca Opens The Doors For Didi

Didier and the Strangefates crew at menorca

Menorca empire owner Slim Warrior invited Didier to perform a solo show. Didier just got there in time after forgetting the gig was one hour earlier than usual. Harrie, Sal and Cat were looking particularly cool as you can see above. Thanks to Nat for the fab picture.

30th September 2007

Didier Returns to Full House at AWT

Didier Soyuz at AWT Isle

AWT owner, Ashra Lang invited Didier back to her bustling community to celebrate the launch of her new SIM. The place was packed, and Didier played some new songs, whilst the audience debated how to get their friends into the gig.

In the mean time, Didier and Harrie have been pre-occupied, building a new Strangefates venue to be opened very soon.

23rd September 2007

Boogie Beach Crashes As Didier Plays On

Didier Soyuz At Boogie Beach Secondlife

After having to previously cancel his gig here, Didier finally performed at Boogie Beach, hosted by Jackie Cushing in Secondlife. Didier chose to set off some virtual fireworks during his Acoustic show. The audience loved it, and everyone proceeded to line dance until the SIM exploded too.

Didier's avatar was blown off stage, but he continued to play his guitar, albeit a bit dazed and confused. Some of the event was caught on movie camera. Watch this space for a release of the clip.

16th September 2007

Hugs All Round At Midnight Blues

Strangefates at Midnight Blues

Yes Strangefates put on yet another magnificent performance, this time at the Midnight Blues Club..with a new Clockwork Love set, giant clocks, massive indoor fireworks, and a fab comedy warm up provided by Strangefates very own virtual guitarist Salamander Maroon. Video of the gig available here and Slideshow to follow this space.

Of course every show ends with a group hug..this time infiltrated by the audience. How Cat got pushed out of this one we will never know. View a slideshow of the Clockwork Love show here

9th September 2007

Jam Charity Show Attracts Big Audience.

Didier and Dragon at Rocky Shores for the JAm Charity Concert

Yet another Didier Acoustic Concert..but this time to support fundraising for the MS Society and Relay for Life at Rocky Shores..organised by Strat Octavia. Didier's hypnotic riffs attracted Carmen, a local Dragon to join in the party. A fire extinguisher was by Didi's side in case his eyebrows caught fire.

The Strangefates Group membership shot over 400, prompting Didier to start planning the next big Strangefates be announced very soon.

Strangefates Wildchild Harrie Skjellerup was unusually not in attendance. She had to go and see the Police (Sting et al) . They are likely to release her with a caution, and possibly community service.

Thanks to Natasja KoenKamp: Strangefates Official Photographer.

6th September 2007

Didier Extends Acoustic Set to One and a Half Hours as Luminous Ratepoint Gig Overflows.

Didier Soyuz at Ratepoint Sept 2007

Didier's 3rd Gig in a week (this time at Ratepoint) almost never happened. If it wasn't for the venue Host Circe Broom, he would have totally forgotten about it. Nevertheless, Didi upped the anti and increased his acoustic set with new songs to 90 minutes. The crowd extended right outside the Ratepoint Cafe as Didi's light show shot through the roof and lit up the whole building and SIM.

Strangefates Wildchild Harrie danced on the coffee table whilst inviting new members to join the Strangefates Group..which is now approaching 400. Didier thanked the generous tipping crowd for helping him to afford bandages for his fingers.

5th September 2007

Didi's Rocks Go Red Twice In a Month

Didier's Rocks Go Red

Well Didier accidently booked a number of gigs this week and forgot about them! But committed to the cause of randomness he fullfilled his obligations at the Red Rock to a full SIM, playing his new tracks. Booking requests are coming in fast. Didier is now considering going to Ego School to learn how to brag professionally.

2nd September 2007

Didier Has The Blues

Didier at Midnight Blues

Didier performed at the Midnight Blues Club to an intimate crowd with three new songs in his repertoire including a blues improv just for the venue. The audience soon found the bar to prop up and Didier brought an extra large bottle of wine which was literally on the house.

2nd September 2007

Salamander's Giggle Brigade Launched

Salamander maroon at Ratepoint

Strangefates' famous leaping virtual guitarist Salamander Maroon made another live appearance performing stand-up comedy at the start of the band's gig last week. Sal is now taking bookings after generating bucketloads of interest. Look out for the Giggle Brigade group in Secondlife. Sal's gigs will be included in the tour dates page here.

1st September 2007

Didier Turns Into a Minor Celebrity!

Didier Avastar Article

Press article from the Avastar

27th August 2007

Rock'n'Roll Cocktail Circus

Strangefates perform at the Concert Hall in Ratepoint

After a Summer break, Strangefates built a virtual tour bus to continue their trek through Secondlife. Their first stop was the new Eldrich-Broom Concert Hall on Ratepoint Island, launched by Circe Broom. Didier's holiday inspired the Rock'n'Roll cocktail theme, and giant bottles were designed for each band member (Cat Gisel's being non-alcoholic Catatonic) with Cat playing her drums out of a huge cocktail glass. Virtual Guitarist Salamander Maroon opened the show with a fab twenty minute stand up comedy act, warming up the punters nicely, although Didier forgot to put in a floor on the stage, leaving Sal to fall through it at one point. Rock'n'Roll Wildchild Harrie Skjellerup had the audience signing up to the group membership in droves. At one point Pengi the guitar playing penguin vanished with rumours that he had been kidnapped again. Bittersweet Lime turned up in a bikini after just having a house warming party in an arabian tent. So just an avarage day in the lives of Strangefates.

Watch the movie highlights of the gig here

View a slideshow of the gig here

21st July 2007

Strangefates Join The Harry Potter Bandwagon

Strangefates in HArry Potter mode

For those of you who didn't get close enough to Strangefates virtual guitarist Salamander Maroon, here is a close up of the T-shirt she designed for the Red Rock gig, showing the whole band in Harry Potter inspired outfits. Each Strangefates gig provides a new T-shirt design for Secondlife avatars. Make sure you get to our shows to collect the full set! Don't you love relationship marketing?

20th July

Painting Didi's Rocks Red

Strangefates and Didier Soyuz live at red Rock

Well the band pulled it off again. A stonking set at the Red Rock venue in Secondlife delivered by Strangefates. Sal wearing her new T-shirt inspired by the new Harry Potter book, Harrie with Pengi by her side, Bittersweet in blue rubber, and Cat exploding more regularly than ever. A movie of the gig can be found here. More pics can be seen here thanks to our friend Pabliciouss

18th July 2007

Didier Opens The Hummingbird Wednesday Slot.

Didier Humming

Well, this seems to becoming kind of routine, but the Hummingbird strikes a particular chord for Didier as he made a debut there with his Without a Safety Net song several months ago. The Song had to be dedicated to Dimi and Leira.

17th July 2007

Ratepoint Gives Didier a Group Hug

Group hug

Well Didier played a full one and a half hour set to a cosey crowd of Ratepoint Cafe goers. So cosey that there had to be a group becoming the norm at the end of shows. Didier is not complaining.

14th July 2007

Salamander Brings the House Down

Slalamander Maroon Comedienne

Yes our very own Sal performed at a recent variety show with her comedy stand up act. She stole the show from some knitting unicyclists and a hippo-rider. We hope this is the first of many shows. A mini slideshow of the event can be found here.

9th July 2007

Strangefates on Ice Spectacular

Strangefates on Ice

Strangefates fans Lexx and Fox kindly donated their Perfect Secondlife Isle to Didier and the band to put on a Strangefates on Ice Spectacular performance. Didier built a giant glacier, and Pengi's giant penguin bodyguards protected the stage from griefers. The audience were all given free Ice Skates and T-shirts designed by virtual band member Salamander Maroon, who wore a feather dance costume. Harrie insisted on wearing matching purple ear muffs, whilst cat dished out huge smoke bombs. Bittersweet maintained her sci-fi action clothes with laser beam glasses. The performance was a full on visual treat. A movie of the event is available here. A slideshow of the event can be found here.


1st July 2007

Secondfest Blown Apart by Secondlifers

Strangefates at Secondfest

Strangefates joined in the Secondfest festival sponsored by the Guardian, and Intel. Chill Isle, where they were located together with other Secondfest artists quickly became the most popular place to go. The band played a short but sweet set to a full SIM. The party continued throughout the night. A slide show is located here. A movie of the gig is located here.

27th June 2007

Hummingbird Again?

Didier at the Hummingbird

Yes Didier definitely warmed up by delivering three performances within a week. The Hummingbird Wednesday audience were fantastic, yet again giving Didier room to test out new songs, and giving suggestions for song titles. Next stop is a Strangefates performance at the Secondfest performance as set up by the Guardian newspaper and Intel. Harrie is actively promoting the SL side of the event.

23rd June 2007

Rated at Ratepoint

Didier Soyuz at Ratepoint Secondlife

Legendary Club Manager Circe Broom brought Didier back to the Ratepoint Cafe, and it proved to be a great night, despite Didier's backdrops collapsing, he launched into a couple of new compositions inbetween his now classic set. A new crowd was there to play to and with Harrie Skjellurup's super marketing skills, 14 new people joined the 'Strangefates' fanbase. Didier pledged that recorded extracts from his live shows would soon be available as limited edition downlods. Watch this space for more news. A slideshow of the show is here.

21st June 2007

Didier Returns to the Hummingbird

Didier at the Hummingbird

Didier is finally back on the road with his solo tour to compliment the Strangefates Shows. Naturally he had to start at the Hummingbird which gave him his first break over six months ago. He still managed somehow to crash his avatar although the music stream carried on. Perfect timing.

Thanks to Nat for the picture. Nat has now become part of the Strangefates Official Photography Team alongside Sal.

18th June 2007

Strangefates Returns as Didier Returns From Dial-up Hell

Strangefates at the Cherry May 2007

After three weeks without broadband, Didier was chomping at the bit to put on a show. The wonderful Cheribomb Tripp handed over her Cherry venue for Strangefates to completely transfer it into a 60s retroland. The virtual band were in fine form, with Harrie's superb hosting, Sal's drum leaps, Cats new effects which threatened to engulf the whole stage, and Bittersweet's famous firebombs, it proved to be the coolest party. A slideshow of the gig is available here. The movie can be viewed here.

19th May 2007

Strangefates Pimp Up Pontiac

Salamander Maroon Leaps In Pontiac Secondlife

Strangefates made a spectacular leap into Pontiac in Secondlife, with Sal leading the way. The show yet again filled the SIM and a new stage had been put together by Didier with whirly things and planets! A slideshow and movie are available here.

20th June 2007

Strangefates Added to the Secondfest Line-Up


Secondlife and the Guardian newspaper amongst others are hosting a virtual festival to rival Glastonbury called Secondfest. Didier and Strangefates have been kindly asked to perform on one of the stages at 6pm on Sunday 1st July. Didier may also appear for a few acoustic numbers, weather permitting! However there seems to be a catch..the stage Strangefates have been given is only five feet wide. Didier has applied for an extension and has threatened the organisers with Bittersweet. Updates to follow.

8th May 2007

Didier's Welcome Return to The Cherry

Didier Soyuz Live at the Cherry Secondlife

Didier made a triumphant return to the Cherry Club, where owner Cheribomb Tripp had brought in extra sofas for fans to surround the stage on. They had been especially dry-cleaned for the event. Singer and co-writer Preciousse Moody was in the audience. Didier could not resist playing their songs, Free Your Heart and Shine..Play rapturous applause.

Further joint songs are being planned, and Didier's solo material will be soon available for download.

6th May 2007

Strangefates Dominate The SIM at Rydem's

Strangefates Perform at Rydem's in Secondlife

Didier created a special rotating whirlpool stage design for Strangefates' first performance at Rydem's. Another party nearby was competing for SIM space, and again some unlucky fans were unable to get to the show. However a storming set and persistence from the fans paid off, and by the end of a two and a half hour show, Rydem's had taken over the region.

As usual, Sal made some heroic leaps into the audience, jumped onto Cat's drums, and proceded to fall on top of Didier. In the mean time the band confused the fans by having multiple tip jars labelled to different band members.

Didier will be calling in some linden lawyers to sort out the financial disputes! A movie of the show is available here.

5th May 2007

The Show Went On.......

Didier Soyuz at the Ratepoint Secondlife

Didier turned up to the Ratepoint Cafe discovering his booking had been omitted from the schedule due to a glitch in SL. Nothing was going to stop Didi letting down his friends and fans, and he made sure he played a one and a half hour set including new songs and improvisations. Club Host Circe Broom helped rearrange the schedule despite being unwell. Didi's collaborations with fantastic singer Preciousse Moody were also showcased to critical acclaim.

Didi managed to get the audience rolling about the floor laughing when his guitar went out of control spinning and throwing out fireballs. Strangefates wildchild Harrie danced on the tables and a potential gig disaster was salvaged. A mini slideshow is available here.

27th April 2007

Debut at the Dragon Inn Pulls in the Celebrities

Didier Soyuz at the Dragon Inn

Didier linked up with Music Promotor Daiseze Mahlstrom to play at the new venue: The Dragon Inn. A number of SL celebrities were spotted at the show including Dann Numbers, the Strangefates Band members and Linus from Linus and the Fakers. Strangefates rock wildchild and band marketing expert Harrie Skjellerup made sure that the Strangefates group membership bumped up to 280, as Didier played a dynamic set with a couple of new songs thrown in for good measure. A slideshow of the performance can be seen here.

24th April 2007

Didier Returns to The Hummingbird

Didier Soyuz returns to the hummingbird

With encouragement from Music Promoter and Host Circe Broom, Didier made a triumphant return to the ever popular Hummingbird Cafe with his 'Acoustic without a Safety Net' Show. Desperate for money to buy some more guitar strings, Didier put his tip jar onstage and stood below it. The audience were just amazed that he did not fall onto the pond this time.

The popular track 'Free Your Heart' was played twice, first with the amazing singer Preciousse Moody on vocals who was invited up, then later as an instrumental.

21st April 2007

Menorca Birthday Party

Strangefates at Menorca

Strangefates finally made their long awaited debut at Menorca thanks to Land Owner, Singer and Music Promotor Slim Warrior inviting them to her Menorca Birthday Rock festival. A storming two-hour set was delivered to the crowd with eye popping visuals. Didier's guitar went out of control when he started spinning it, and Cat launched into her drums with fire lit drumsticks. Bittersweet made sure the stage was adequately lit with smoke bombs, whilst Harrie laid down cool poses with Pengi. Sal, as usual was flying around the stage and diving into the crowd. What more can you ask for? A movie of the concert is available here.

A slide show of the concert is available here

15th April 2007

Didier Crashes 5 Times at Muse Isle: The Audience Tips Him on Each Return!

Didier Soyuz live at Muse Isle

Yes it was Didier's first performance at Muse Isle, and he had prepared a special set for everyone, attacking his guitar allegedly with ten fingered hands. Despite crashing multiple times, Didier was pleasantly surprised to be welcomed with cheers everytime he re-booted and returned to the stage. The whole audience chose to dance in sequence to some old favorites. To top the show off, Didier played a version of Free Your Heart with superstar Preciousse Moody on vocals. The audience went wild..then Didier crashed again...

14th April 2007

Didier Fills The Sim at Monkey Island

Didier Soyuz Live at Monkey Island

Didier's solo Acoustic shows continue to develop, and thanks to Monkey Island Owner Storm Princess, he played a 70 minute set uninterrupted by griefers or computer glitches, filling the sim with animated fans.


6th April 2007

Strangefates Triumphant Return to Bittersweet's Rooftop

Strangefates Live at Bittersweet Lime's party

Yes, Strangefates returned to Bittersweet's fabulous rooftop apartment delivering another mammoth 3 hour show. The sim was full, and some unfortunate fans were unable to get in. Didier crashed several times and then was unable to get back in himself for ten minutes, having to play his guitar from another region and broadcast it in. Cat donned a new image, and Pengi came out of rehab, albeit without his guitar. Sal couldn't resist stagediving the audience, and Harrie maintained her cool purple presence, then chose to start drinking vodka during the set. Didier had the roadies provide her with a sofa on stage just in case. A slide show of the gig is available here.

A movie of the the gig is available here.

31st March 2007

Strangefates Take The Monkey

Strangefates Stage at Monkey Island

Ever since Didier's solo gig at this venue, he wanted to return with Strangefates..and this was worth waiting for. With a backdrop of five huge dragonfly people, and a light show of kalaidoscopic proportions..the band got to work. Cat, Harrie, and Sal were on blistering form with sharp crowd banter and acrobatics whilst Didier attempted to copy Sal's leaps, crashing five times in the process. Harrie's backflips were purple pixel perfection, and Cat's drumsticks lit up the backdrop. The place was packed out, and the Strangefates Secondlife fan group is now up to 230+. A slideshow of the gig is available here.

31st March 2007

Strangefates Raise The Bar at Monkey Island

Didier Soyuz and Strangefates live at Monkey Island

Even though The band's mini penguin guitarist Pengi did not show up (he was reputed to have had personal 'coral reefer' problems and is in rehab in the Antarctic for a few days. There were fears that the Monkeys on the island would lead him astray), the band dug in and the show was incredibly visual. Video footage has been shot, and a machinima film of this gig is now available here (and on YouTube).

30th March 2007

Live at the Tomb!

Didier at the Tomb

Didier's acoustic Tour continued despite having to re-arrange at the last minute..Temple owner Jenene saved the day and offered her egyptian tomb to perform in.

25th March 2007

Didier Live at 'The Stage' for the first and last time?

Didier Soyuz live at the Stage

The Stage...famous Secondlife venue is due to close soon. The owner cannot afford the time to run it any more. Didier had the chance to play there on the weekend and didn't disappoint the crowd, supported by the two massive dragonfly logos..and his fabulous Strangefates band members in the audience..he was under pressure to come up with the goods. Didier was literally sweating doves and hearts, and launched into a dynamic set that has speeded up since he started his shows. The ever loyal Harrie made sure interested punters were 'strangefated' instantly. Didier's banter was actually audible to the band's amusement...mainly due to a bottle of red wine...

A few more pictures of this cool event are available here. Hopefully the place will be resurrected very soon.

18th March 2007

Live at the Cosmos Club

Strangefates at Cosmos Club

Well, The classic Strangefates line-up of Harrie, Cat, Sal and Bittersweet performed to perfection at Cat's very own club, the Cosmos. The only guitar playing penguin in Secondlife, Pengi stayed loyal to Harrie's side whilst playing a piledriving lead solo with his beak, before having a fish supper to finish with. Harrie had been jetted home especially to make the concert, after celebrating Paddy's day in style. Sal couldn't resist stagediving throughout the set. More fab pictures are available at the slideshow here.

24th March 2007

Dragonfly Logo

Strangefates Dragonfly logo

For those of you who exist in the virtual world may come across this logo..which now represents Strangefates. Didier has converted it into a you can just click on it and it opens up this webpage for quick updates!

15/17 March 2007

Didier Relaunches Solo Acoustic Shows at Luxor Stage and The Cherry Club

Didier Soyuz at Luxor

As Didier's acoustic set has become more popular, each show deliberately has a variation on the track listings and playing styles. Didier trialled this at the Cherry Club on 15th March , where the audience relaxed on comfortable sofas to a wall of acoustic trippery. A follow-up show at the lush Luxor Stage (above) changed the tracks round. The song 'Free Your Heart' is becoming a particular favorite. Strangefates guitarist Harrie made sure new listeners were offered Strangefates Group membership within Second Life..this is known as "being Strangefated" .

2nd March 2007

Strangefates Worshipped at the Temple

Didier on Fire

After Cat had to cancel her gig due to RL events, Temple venue owner Jenene stepped in to make sure the show went on. Sal, Bittersweet, Didier and Harrie with special guest Pengi the Penguin on lead mini-guitar were all on stage. The show blasted out with a backdrop of flames, building up the fanbase to 200 people.

2nd March 2007

Temple Photofest

Temple Strangefates

Bittersweet's huge fire-flame backdrop, Pengi on blue guitar, Harries wonderful new outfit, and Sal's amazing acrobatic leaps inspired the audience and band to take piles of pictures.

Here is a slideshow of some of the pictures from this event at the Temple.


25th February 2007

Experimental Monkey Isle Gig Increases Fanbase

Didi at monkey Isle

The Acoustic tour moved to Monkey Island where Didier played an experimental set, live over a previous live recording resulting in a rich and full soundscape. Strangefates SG guitarist Harrie promoted the Strangefates 'group' fanbase up to 175 members.

Club Manager, Storm Princess was definitely pleased, and invited Didi back to play another show. Didi agreed with a proviso that there should be more monkeys, and at least one penguin at the next show. View a slide show of the gig here.

24th February 2007

Didier Increases Live Acoustic Set to Over an Hour!

Didi at the Cherry

Didier returned to the increasingly popular Cherry Club to perform his 'Without A Safety Net' Show. New tracks included 'Free Your Heart'..which is a taster of music from Didier's live band Bouski, soon to make their debut in SL. The Strangefates crew were all there too.

The audience shouted for an encore, but Didier's avatar fingers fell off after playing for an hour non-stop. They are now successfuly glued back on. A Bouski Album is now available for download here.

17th February 2007

Four Hour Set at Bittersweet's Party

Bittersweet's Party

Last night, Bittersweet Lime provided a rooftop party for her designer and business friends. Didier and Strangefates delivered a monster four hour performance, including live acoustic music, followed by a Strangefates and Bouski showcase.

Internationally famous musician Slim Warrior joined the band as special guest. Didier hid behind a palm tree during the combat competition, as he had previously seen Bittersweet in fighting action. A slide show of the party pics can be found here.

16th February

Penghi Kidnapped by Club Owner


Although Didier, Harrie and Sal were ejected from McDunnoughs after their bust up with the venue staff, Strangefates front penguin, Pengi was left behind, allegedly kidnapped by the frosty club owner. Harrie was distraught, and the band were furious. If you happen to see Pengi, please contact Didier here, and you may receive an award . An escape plan is being organised.

16th February

Band Banned!


After the opening of the Strangefates venue, Didier was due to play live acoustic at McDunnoughs, but disaster struck when his pickup battery went dead. The organiser insisted that Didier still showed up to the event. Didier therefore invited the band and with agreement, showcased some tracks from his new band Bouski (Shortly to play totally live in SL). Although the crowd were loving the material, the grumpy club owner threw Didier, Sal and Harrie out of the sim after an hour, claiming they only accepted live music. She then proceeded to allow a singer to perform there with a country and western backing tape. Pengi is still missing and needs fresh fish.

16th February

Strangefates open their new venue to a few select friends

Strangefates venue

Didier, Sal and Harrie have now opened up their private venue to friends in Second Life. The picture above is a sneak preview. Note the dancefloor on the roof of the stage, and purple decor to match Harrie's outfit. The venue also has sea views with a chill out area being developed by Salamander with a guarantee to ban anyone who does not understand what fun is.

13th February

Impromptu Show at Club 54

Club 54

Didier was invited across to the famous Club 54 venue by Strangefates fanatic Faimaiden Abel. Before you could say 'sound of the ultimate rock band', Cat, Salamander, Harrie and Didier played a set to a full Sim consisting of Strangefates and Bouski tracks, with the lovely Bittersweet in the audience, and Fairmaiden as guest virtual guitarist.


13th February

Impromptu Show at Club 54

Club 54 band

Harrie was on top form at Club 54, riffing to perfection, whilst Sal performed superhuman leaps into the mosh pit. Cat played drums like only she can, turning invisible on several occasions of the middle of drum rolls. Didier couldn't get a word in with Fairmaiden's primevil screaming. Meanwhile Bittersweet kept her cool, and controlled the crowd from invading the stage with her super warrior powers.

13th February

Impromptu Show at Club 54

Cat at Club 54

Cat once again wowed the crowd with her mulicoloured luminous drums sticks, before being thrown out of the Sim via spontaneous virtual combustion in true Spinal Tap style.

10th February 2007

Black Sun Gig Gremlins Saved by Circe

Sal and Harrie at the Black Sun

Strangefates first venture into the Black Sun Club was plagued with gremlins. The place crashed twice, crowds gathered, then the second hand music stream server (set up by the Black Sun Crew) blew up. Circe's Circle radio show owner Circe Broom saved the day by giving up her station to the show so the full teo hour set could be completed. The band celebrated by stage-diving into the audience.

10th February 2007

Black Sun Gig Pulls in the Crowds

Black Sun Gig

With a full band line-up: Didier, Salamander, Harrie, Bittersweet and Cat (not forgetting Harrie's new Penguin friend), the show pulled in a great audience, including other SL performers Robina Hula and Slim Warrior. The crowds continued to party even when the music stream vanished for fifteen minutes. Bittersweet entertained everyone with smoke bombs, and Cat did a silent drum solo with Sal leaping about in the air. Meanwhile Harrie just mesmerised everyone with her rock chick charm.

Many fantastic photos were taken of this great visual event by the band and fans . There is a slide show of the event here.

If you have taken pictures of Strangefates in concert, please send them to and the best wll be posted up on this website with photographer's credits!

10th February 2007

Didi returns to Egret

Didier at the Club Egret

Didier made a welcome return to the Club Egret playing a full hour of live acoustic numbers (despite his avatar using a virtual Les Paul on stage).


3rd February 2007

Live at the Surf Shack

Live at the Surfshack

Didier joined forces with Sal on SG, Harrie on Les Paul and the amazing Cat Gisel on psycholollipop stick drums. The Surfshack proved a popular venue being on the coast and the place quickly became full to capacity. Even the mighty Slim Warrior could not get a ticket for this concert!! Didier accidently pushed Harrie off the stage, but she managed to forward roll back on whilst playing a blinding solo.

3rd February 2007

Cat Gisel becomes Strangefates official virtual drummer

Cat Gisel on Drums

After being with the band for less than two days, Cat Gisel joined Strangefates with her magical drum set and rainbow flashing drumsticks. "There was no hesitation in giving Cat the job...she was the only one with a purple drumkit...oh and she is cool too" stated Didier.

3rd February 2007

Strangefates fanbase expands!

Surfshack audience

Strangefates SL tour is attracting more fans every time they play..that is official!! Didier was surprised to find over 125 people registered with the 'group fanbase Strangefates' since Christmas. The band is looking to provide free gifts to loyal members, such as a virtual case of beer, Tshirts, and even the odd access to new downloads.

P.S. Thanks to Salamander Maroon for all the Surfshack pics, and to Tabi Oxide for creating the backdrop for the show.

24th January 2007

Strangefates Gig at the Cherry plagued with sofa invasion.

Strangefates once again presented their touring stage show to delighted crowds, who had brought their own sofas with them. Didier was reported to have muttered 'In what way can we be 'easy listening' before falling off the stage, and realising that sofas can be quite useful at a rock concert.

20th January 2007

Didi goes posh at Club Egret

Invited by the wonderful Club Egret Manager Circe Broom, Didier played a one hour set of live acoustic songs followed by a handful of Strangefates tracks to a select bunch of avatars dressed in tuxedos and frocks. The venue was superposh, and the tipping was good. Didier was so pleased that he would now be able to buy a new pp3 battery for his guitar, and he celebrated by ballroom dancing with the one and only Slimmie (aka Slim Warrior).

20th January 2007

Punters Ballroom Dance to Didier Acoustic Set

A strange ocuurance at the Club Egret when Didier took the stage playing an atmospheric hypnotising type set of echoey guitar riffs....the audience just couldn't resist ballroom dancing!! Circe made Didi wear a tuxedo for the occasion..although he did manage to rip his pants on the microphone stand.

11th January 2007

Didier's Acoustic set crashes SL. 68 Avatars reported missing!

Didier played a great live acoustic set at the Hummingbird last Thursday night. The place was packed to capacity. A couple of new tracks were premiered. The audience were just starting to pay tips towards the end of the set when the whole SIM went down due to too many people trying to get in. Owner Dimi said "that was one of the biggest crashes we have ever had". 68 Avatars were missing for 20 minutes. Didier has now established cult status as the only musician to wipe out two capacity gigs during his own set, whilst retaining a healthy fan base. The fan base 'group' for Strangefates has now reached 85.


11th January 2007

Harrie and Didi ride out a Rock'nRoll Lifestyle and nearly kill themselves.

Strangefate's wildchild Harrie recently persuaded Didier to go biking. They had just both bought Harleys . Harrie didn't realise that Didier was a novice to biking, and he drove them into a bar, out off a road and straight down into a deep cravass landing upside down. Didier said "I thought I had killed Harrie, but her mass of Purple hair softened the fall and saved us both". Everyone at the local race track TP'd out for fear of their lives.

Harrie was unable to stop laughing for a day after the incident.

12th January

Gig planned New Venue: The Cherry

The aptly named Cherry Nightclub is being launched in SL this week by owner Cheribomb Tripp. She has booked Strangefates for a concert on Wednesday 24th January. The stage is situated in the middle of the 'Cherry Shaped' venue and looks to be a great place to party.


6th January 2007

Strangefates Play Impromptu Gig at AWT

Although Strangefates had a number of shows arranged, Didier and Sal got itchy feet and chose to perform a spontaneous gig at AWT using Bittersweet's "Instant Stage". Harrie showed off her new Purple Les Paul (shown right) and shot into Super Rock Chick Status whilst Salamander continued to attract groupies at a mesmorising pace, playing her SG at the same time. New band member Kalliope and friend of Didi joined the stage too.

6th January 2007

Strangefates Play Impromptu Gig at AWT

Didi in Awe of Harrie's Purple Rock Goddess Image

6th January 2007

Strangefates Play Impromptu Gig at AWT

During a powerful rendition of 'Two Tone Tornado, the audience went out of control: 'Griefer's' raided the Stage and the whole band were booted into another land. Didier managed to keep the music streaming whilst floating upside down, and temporarily lost his clothes. AWT owner Ashra rescued the band and the two hour concert was saved. Friends of Strangefates, Cat, Blue, Jenine, and Bittersweet joined the after gig party. It is rumoured that the event was filmed by one of Jenene's friends: we will let you know!

29th December 2006

Strangefates Gig Crashes SL!

Didier and Strangefates performed a show across nine SIMs as part of a massive event never tried before in SL. The band were bleary eyed and overdosed on Redbull, playing at 6am in the morning (UK time) for the benefit of some lucky Americans. The beautiful stage was designed by Bittersweet Lime, who joined the band on stage with cool acoustic guitar.

The show had been hastily put together by a group of people not known to Didier and the band. However, it allowed them to put up a purpose built set for the event. Salamander (via her design company 'Digital Bitch') designed some Strangefates SL Tour T-shirts and these were on sale for the first time through vending machines with embarrassing pictures of Didier posing in one.

29th December 2006

Didier thrown out of his own show!

The band had just got through 40 minutes of music, the crowd were coming in, liking what they heard and dancing when Didier's avatar took off without explanation. He continued to broadcast the streaming music although Lindenlab had thrown him out of the concert! Super SG Guitar Player and Journalist Salamander Maroon was able to catch some of the event on the photos above before the whole SIM went down.

29th December 2006

The show went on..and then..!

Salamander, Bittersweet and Didier got going on stage with a storming rendition of 'Two-Tone Tornado'. Sal had been frozen with an animated fatigue bug, but eventually launched into action. Didier was trying hard to keep his new wig from flying off, and Bittersweet played sweetly with a borrowed guitar. Members of the audience were joining the Strangefates group seemed to be building up to a great party..well nevermind.

A few minutes after Didier was thrown out...Lindenlab announced the whole of Secondlife was down.

18th December 2006

Didier Plays live acoustic Sessions in SL

After a couple of impromptu shows, Didier was asked by music promotor extroadinaire Circe Broom to perform a 1 hour acoustic set at the Hummingbird Cafe. Didier had concerns about this as he had not touched his acoustic guitar for a long time. The set was largely improvised, and technical problems loomed, including the loudest live broken string twang ever recorded in the Linden World. 'I couldn't see the computer screen for wires and lights when it happened..what was worse was that there was a thirty second delay in the broadcast!'

Nevertheless, the audience loved what they heard, and tipped Didier with enough Linden Dollars to buy a new packet of guitar strings, and Hummingbird Hosts, Leira and Dimi asked Didier to perform at their private party a few days later.

18th December 2006

Fantastic New Venue Confirmed to be the Vieux Hall

The Vieux hall is set in the clouds, high on a hill in the grounds of a castle in Secondlife. The only castle in SL with a dartboard...unless anyone knows different!

Didier built a a new set at Jenine Lemaire 's new club, with new rotating aliens, and green fog emitter. The date of the show was 21st December.

19th December 2006

New Strangefates set built for show at the Vieux Hall and show kicks off on 21st December

The band played over a green haze of smoke. Sal chopped away at her SG, whilst Harrie kept a mean riff going. Didier just posed.

27th December

T-Shirts Planned for Sale in Secondlife

After a model photoshoot failed to happen, Didier was forced to model the band T-shirt (Designed by Salamander for Digital Bitch Clothing). Unfortunately he only had the female version to wear, exposing his belly button.

If you would like a T-shirt just send an instant message to Didier through Secondlife.

21st December 2006

Live at the Vieux Hall

The band played a solid set, largely based around the album Two Tone Tornado. The audience loved the heavy riffs, mixed in with ambient vibes.

21st December 2006

Live at the Vieux Hall

The audience started transporting in as soon as the word got around that there was a guitar based rock event in town.

10th December 2006

Strangefates plans a huge stageshow at a womens touch

The Dragonfly Man is the new 2006/7 tour logo for Strangefates. Designed by Johnny Rem, aka Rob.

10th December 2006

The Strangefates Tour officially kicked off at 'A Womens Touch'

Didier was accidentally beamed down to A Women's Touch where he was befriended by Ashra, the owner who took pity on him, despite being a man. The result was an everlasting friendship.

Didier, chose to start the Strangefates SL tour there, and built a purpose built stage, with enormous lighting effects supplied by entrepreneur Bittersweet Lime. The result was explosive..with plently of volunteers line dancing to heavy metal riffs, Didier flying off into the mosh pit, and Sal and Harrie giving the audience the show of their lives.

10th December 2006

More pictures of the Women's Touch gig

The place became full instantly. No-one else was able to transport in and the whole SL grid went down. Nevertheless, the band played on and everyone returned to hear the finale of the three and a half hour set!!

Sal seemed to be attracting large numbers of groupies, whilst Didier had to have an after gig party on his own!

10th December 2006

Heavy Metal Line Dancing: performed by AWT ownerAshra and her team

10th December 2006

Another fab lighting effect provided by Bittersweet.

10th December 2006

The Strangefates set at AWT


Purchase Downloads and CDs of Strangefates Performances in SL here

Listen to mp3 Streamed Tracks from the new album here


10th December

More shots from the infamous gig at a Women's Touch!

18th December 2006

Didier Has Image Makeover

Didier finally dropped his Manga cartoon look for the acoustic gig. Circe had encouraged him to do this. However, Didier could not help but sneek his hand-made tattoos back onto his skin, but did not dare to let Circe see them fully, only offering a glimpse of celtic designs on his arms.

Didier was still suffering from mild stage fright after having to deal with a number of technical problems the night before. He spent the rest of the night drinking a virtual can of lager, but just for medicinal purposes.

18th December

Strangefates chose to use their original backdrop for the tour, with rotating DNA molecules and 100pixel amplifier stacks.

December 1st 2006

The Molecules broadcast live in Second Life under new bandname: Strangefates!

The Molecules have made further progress in becoming the most virtual band in the universe by entering Second Life (SL), an online virtual planet. Over 1.5 million people are already registered there, where it seems more fun than real life. In the spirit of SL Dave has changed his name to Didier, and the Molecules have changed their name to Strangefates for legal reasons (there is a band called the Molecules in New York who tried to sue Dave and Rob. Dave was too busy laughing to put up a legal case, hence the change).

Ashra a local club owner helped Didier make a test broadcast of Molecules music on her land, with support from fashion designers Sal and Jo (pictured above) covering guitar and bass. Information on further gigs will be posted. So look out for Strangefates in SL and come and join us. more about our new band members Sal and Jo later.

4th December 2006

Strangefates Official Tour Kicks Off

Didier launched the SL World Strangefates tour at the Hummingbird Cafe on 4th December 2006. Circe Broom, who helped arrange the gig insisted that Didier spoke to the audience. Didier only had a cheap webcam mic to use so sounded like he was speaking through a giant marshmallow.

Supported by virtual band members Salamander and Harrie, the show went to plan and the band's guitar flamethrower effects impressed the audience who all had to buy new avatar eyebrows afterwards.

7th December 2006

Didier goes on spending spree to create a cool image.

Didier decided to cover himself in tattoos for the oncoming tour. He also invested in some interactive musical instruments from OD Designs (Les Paul Pictured). He is yet to find a way of getting his drumkit out of the box


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